Our Team

Johannes and Elzeth Wessels

The Wessels Family has been serving in YWAM Mbabane for almost 5 years. During this time they transitoned into the base leaders. Johannes and Elzeth has 2 beautiful daughters (Marnel and Jana) who school in South Africa.

Joshua and Lisa Kim

The Kim Family have been living in eSwatini since 2021. They have an after school ministry they are doing in Mhlabanyatsi. They have 3 children (Joseph, Grace, and Sophia).

Thula Shongwe

Thula has been apart of YWAM Mbabane for the last 10 years, joining the YWAM Mbabane family after her DTS. She is currently leading the Widows Ministry, amongst other ministries that she is apart of.

Noah Tabedze

I'm Noah Tsabedze, I 'm a Swazi I did my DTS in 2017 then I came back to staff I love worship and I have a ministry of worship, song writing and Oral Bible Translation(OBT).

Petros and Elizabeth Kunene

Petros and Elizabeth Kunene have been apart of this base almost from the very beginning. They were students on the 1st DTS in eSwatini, back in 2007. Now they have a ministry called Road to Hope, which is a family home, located in Motjane. Petros and Elizabeth have had 27 children be apart of Road to Hope.

Vincent Mpungose

I have been staffing at the base for the last 3 years. I began my staffing after completeing my DTS in 2021, then I did DBS in 2023, currently I'm staffing DTS, at YWAM Mbabane, eSwatini. I'm also part of the church planting ministry , I'm currenlty the head pastor in a church i started in a small community close to the town of Nhlangano, in the southern part of eSwatini.

Sierrah Modderman

Sierrah did her DTS in Kona HI, in 2022-2023. She has come from Canada to be part of the staff at YWAM Mbabane for the firm foundation DTS 2023-2024, as her first staffing with YWAM. She has began helping us update our website, and begin social media platforms. She plans on continuing helping us with media when she returns to her home to begin studying to become a social worker.

Charné Bodington

Charné got involved with YWAM in 2021, when she did her DTS at YWAM Muizenberg - South Africa. In 2022 she staffed a DTS at the YWAM Worcester base. 2023 she did a DBS (Discipleship Bible School) at YWAM Muizenberg and then volunteered as staff for the DBS at YWAM Mbabane. Currently she is staffing the DTS at YWAM Mbabane- eSwatini.

Wilma Winter

I'm Wilma I did my DTS in Eswatini the year 2020 and I also did living seminar online and I also volunteered in Eswatini for a year. This year I did my DBS in the spring, and now am staffing the firm foundation DTS. I love what I am doing for God and the ways he is stretching me for his kingdomly work.