DTS (Discipleship Training school) is a program in which students come from all over the world to learn more about Christ, their relationship with Him, and how they can share their faith with others. We do this in the span of five months. Three months focusing on the student’s relationship with the Lord and allowing the Holy Spirit to bring inner healing. Then the students take the last two months and go on an outreach (mission trip). The location of each outreach is decided and is disclosed to the students after the staff team have prayed about where to go, both locally and globally, where ever the Lord leads.


In September 2023 we started  a DTS which is called, “Firm Foundation DTS.” In Matthew 7:24-26 TPT is says, “Everyone who hears my teaching and applies it to his life can be compared to a wise man who built his house on an unshakable foundation.” We believe that before you have an effective ministry, the Lord has to work on the foundation of your belief in God and who you are in Christ. This training will have twelve(12) weeks of teaching so that the students can dig deeper into their foundation with God and correct any instability or lies from the enemy. Following the lecture phase the school is sent out to a nation for eight(8) weeks, which God highlights by the Holy Spirit to the school. Graduation follows after outreach, where they receive a U of N (University of the Nations) certificate, which is a gate way to study in various spheres of influence within the U of N.



What we are still trusting in the Lord:

As a school our desire to be able to fundraise the finances for our school as a whole. This includes transportation, for 12 speakers, which is a total of E8,000 ($422.86 USD). This will help reduce the overall cost for the students, allowing students who have more challenges to raise their school fees a better opportunity to attend this life changing school. We are believing God will provide finances for the students fees as well, a total of E143,000 ($7,558.57 USD), each student is E13,000 ($687.14 USD).  We are going to begin our outreach shortly in faith that God will provide for us, we only have E12,000 ($651.58 USD). We are believing for a total of E95,000 ($5,158.31 USD), 12,000 per student to go to Mozambique to share the gospel. 

Our current students

                     Wandile Dlamini  

 My name is Wandile Dlamini, I come from a rural area with a small population in Eswatini. I received Christ as my rock and savior a year ago. I am a worshipper for the Lords Kingdome. I am doing my DTS to find my purpose in God. I want to increase the kingdom’s population through what I learn in my DTS.  

Nokwanda Jessica Dlamini 

Growing up I believed that I was not capable of doing anything, and didn’t know my true worth as a child of God. I discovered my calling, skills, talents and my giftings in Christ. I discovered that I could sing, I became a worship leader at church for Seven years. I joined YWAM DTS to deepen my relationship with God, to learn more about who God is, to build my confidence in Christ, to know God’s purpose for my life and for God to sharpen my Gifts, skills and talents for his Glory.

          Siphelele Ndwandwe  

My name is Siphelele Ndwandwe. I am 23 years old. I am from a rural area in Eswatini. I have been a Christian for a long time. I have come to YWAM so that my relationship with God would be much stronger than it was and to find healing at some point.

                    Zandile Gwebu  

My name is Zandile Gwebu. I come from a small rural community with a low population. I received Christ as my lord and savior seven years agoI am a worshiper and preacher of the gospel to young children; I also enjoy counseling people. the lord has helped me to change the friend group I had before as I am now a child of God now. I want to grow more in Christ, I want to change my life with Gods wisdom. I want God to use me and show me my truer calling. 


  Jesse Abraham 

Shalom my name is Jesse and I live in an urban area in Eswatini. I’m 23 years old. I’ve been recently attending YWAM DTS Firm Foundation. It’s been a great experience attending something I’m well fond of. So as a new disciple of the lord I’m glad to say this has been the best walk. I’ve taken so far with Christ that makes me also want to say that ill also be staffing as a way to show that I’m a believer to the hope and faith I’ve been challenged to build… so that being said ill like to say I’m blessed to be here, and I hope everything works according to the lords riches and glory…  



              Gcwalisile Gwebu 

 I am from a rural area of Eswatini. I am a worshipper, who loves preaching and teaching the young ones about God, encouraging people to return to God by counselling them. Knowing that God is not angry with us. It’s been 10 years since I received Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. Some of my friends didn’t have a relationship with God and the The Lord helped me to turn their hearts towards him who is able to do all things. They were shocked when I started ministering into their lives and I believe God was at work because they repented.  In this DTS I want to grow spiritually and know God more, understand his ways better and fully resemble Christ by living like him, hearing him speak to me and showing me things that I don’t know, all in all I want God to take over my life and transform me, thank you. 


 Thabo Mnisi

My name is Thabo Mnisi, I come from a small rural area in EswatiniI was born premature, and I see it that I am alive by the grace of God. I received Christ as my savior 15 years ago…my salvation is every day. I am a drummer; thus, I want to worship the lord with my gift and teach about him. I am doing my DTS to find what god has in store for me to do in his kingdom. I also want heling so that I can use the story of my healing as a testimony and maybe God will allow other people to see healing through my prayers.  



Nothando St. Mary Dlamini

I took a step of obedience and faith in God and allowed myself to do this school. This DTS is about establishing a firm foundation in my life, where I get to know more about who God is and how to develop intimacy with Him. The DTS is broadening my mind and my heart’s understanding of the character and nature of God. In DTS we spend 3 months in a class learning about how to do missions and grow spiritually with the Holy Spirit. Then, we go on outreach for 2 months where we now make disciples of all nations. As I recently completed high school and want to focus on what God has called me to do. I believe in serving God in everything and being obedient to His voice.